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Human Service Zone (Social Services)


240 2nd St SE, Suite 2
Rugby North Dakota 58368-2199

Rugby North Dakota 58368-2199

The Northern Prairie Human Service Zone Board is the major agent of county government responsible for the provision of economic and social services to identified vulnerable children, adolescents, adults, elderly and families.  The services provided help those persons help themselves maintain or enhance their quality of life, which may be threatened by the lack of financial resources, emotional crisis, disabling condition, or inability to protect themselves.  Services are provided according to state/federal laws and county policy and emphasis is placed on recognizing the constitutional and civil rights of all individuals.  

Northern Prairie Human Service Zone is directly responsible to the Pierce County Social Service Board.   The Board consists of nine members, which include County Commissioner representation as well as citizens from various backgrounds and interests.  The Board meets in regularly scheduled every other month meetings. 






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